Cause for Concern referral form / Ffurflen Gyfeirio – Achos Pryder

This form should be used in any circumstance where the behaviour of a student gives any staff member or fellow student cause for concern.

This form will be submitted anonymously

No user information will be saved with this form except for any personal details you choose to enter.

Cause for Concern

This form should be completed if you have pressing concerns about a student’s behaviour, safety or situation. Concerns about how their behaviour is impacting others should also be reported.

If you do not have immediate concerns, but feel the student would still benefit from support, please direct or encourage the student to complete the Disability, Wellbeing and Counselling support form. We will then contact the student with an offer of support.

Are you seeing a blank form?

If you are a current student, and you see a blank form, please logout of MetHub and try this link again: 

If you have already submitted a Cause for Concern for this student this academic year, please email rather than progressing further.

We will be able to update you on your last submission, and any contact that was been made with the student.

Please let us know if the student's circumstances have changed.

Your details

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The student

Please tick all that apply and give more details if possible in the free text box.
You've told us that the student's mental health has significantly deteriorated recently. Tell us about how this impacts the student's day-to-day life.
You have indicated that the student's financial situation puts them at risk . Select an option to help us triage this request.
Please give us more details in the box below. Please tell us any actions that you have already taken to help or support the student.