The Counselling request service is closed for the 2018/19 academic year

Our Disability, Wellbeing and Counselling services are now fully integrated, offering one point of access for all support requests.

Rather than needing to make multiple requests for services, our new triage process enables you to have a single point of access, where we can establish and offer the most appropriate support for your needs.

To access this service please complete the new Disability, Wellbeing and Counselling Form.

It will take you about 15 minutes. It will ask you about your health and the impact on your studies. When we have reviewed the information you have provided, we will contact you via phone and email to make an offer of the most appropriate support.

If you have any questions about this process, or would like to complete the form with the support of a member of the Wellbeing Team, please attend the Inclusive Learning Officer drop-in at the izones. You can book in via the izone or MetHub.