Accessibility statement

Methub is built on a platform called Careerhub which is partially compliant with the PSBAR 2018. The full accessibility statement for the platform can be found on the supplier’s website (Symplicity).

However, some resources are hosted on Methub which have been created using different platforms including MS Office. Details of relevant accessibility statements are listed below:

  • Microsoft Office documents, Sway presentations and other content which uses Microsoft software are subject to Microsoft's accessibility statement
  • PDFs are designed and built in accordance with Adobe's recommendations for improving accessibility.
  • Videos are hosted on YouTube, while we try to ensure that all our content is accessible we are aware that accessibility experiences can vary across all social media platforms. Some users may find the standard YouTube platform difficult to navigate, especially those using screen readers or navigating with their keyboard. Alternatives such as Accessible YouTube may be easier to use. Google has also published guidance on how to use YouTube's accessibility features.

Where these resources are not compliant we are engaging with relevant content owners to deliver staff training and encourage remediation of inaccessible documents. These will be rectified on an ongoing basis as they are reviewed and updated.